• Thomas as Kirby
  • Lady as Tiff
  • Duck as Tuff (Both know alot about stuff)
  • Madge, Stepney, and Toby as Honey, Spikehead, and Iroo
  • Gordon as King Dedede (Dedede is not evil in this show, he does various tricks and traps a la Wil E. Coyote)
  • Henry as Escargoon (Both get annoyed sometimes)
  • Edward as Meta Knight
  • Molly as Meta Lady
  • Bill & Ben as Blade and Sword Knights
  • Fergus as Slash Knight
  • The Spiteful Brakevan as Nabbit
  • Diesel as Magolor
  • Bertie as Magolor's Friendly Side (This thing is used in some episodes)
  • Cranky as WiiUKins, the guy in the fence.
  • Peter Sam as Sqweep
  • 'Arry & Bert as Stingy & Heavy
  • More soon.

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