Thomas/Kissyfur Thomas/Kissyfur is Parody


  • Thomas as Gus
  • Percy as Kissyfur
  • Emily as Beehonie
  • Bill/Ben as Toot
  • Jordan the Tank as Duane
  • Toby as Lenny
  • Donald/Douglas as Stuckey
  • Gordon as Charles - Lenny's Pup
  • Mavis as Lenny's Mum
  • Molly as Miss Emmy
  • Rosie as Donna
  • Kristina the Train as Donna's Mum
  • Edward and as Beehonie's Mum and Dad
  • Tillie as Kissyfur's Mum
  • Bessy as Himself
  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse as Themself
  • Daisy and James as Toot's Mum and Dad
  • Eizabeth and Henry as Duane's Mum and Dad
  • Jordan Rooke and Emily Parr as Floyd and Jolene
  • Sally the Witch as Flo
  • Antony Whiting as Snake

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