Thomas/Kwicky Koala is a parody series featuring video clips from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends and audio clips from The Kwicky Koala Show


Version 1

  • Duck as Kwicky Koala
  • Diesel as Wilfred Wolf
  • Stepney as George
  • Henry as Joey
  • Thomas as Dirty Dawg
  • Percy as Ratso
  • James as Officer Bullhorn
  • Duncan as Crazy Claws
  • George as Rawhide Clyde
  • Arry/Bert as Bristletooth
  • Splatter and Dodge as Aliens (from Claws Encounter of the Worst Kind)
  • Derek as Alien (from Close Encounter of the Canine Kind)
  • Oliver as Ranger Dangerfield
  • D261 as Alien Leader
  • Emily as Juliet
  • Rosie as Ratsie
  • Smudger as Cat
  • Toby as Jeremiah Koala
  • Hector as Fang
  • Annie and Clarabel as two female dogs
  • Narrow Gauge Engines as Fan Puppies
  • Jeremy as Airplane Pilot
  • Mavis as Bullhorn's girlfriend
  • Champion as bull
  • Sir Handel as Customer
  • Cranky as Animal Collector
  • Byron as Beautiful Bowser Announcer
  • Molly as Female Kangaroo
  • Billy as Woodpecker
  • Salty as Captain
  • Freddie as Mikey
  • Rosie as Nurse
  • Edward as Sheepdog
  • Spencer as Coach
  • Daisy as Mother Gorilla
  • Diesel 10 as Bear
  • Bulgy as Gorilla
  • Bulstrode as Lion
  • Policeman as Chief of Police
  • Skarloey, Rheneas, Peter Sam, Rusty, Mighty Mac, and Charlie as Puppies
  • Jack as Male Kangaroo
  • Alfie as Kid
  • Kelly as Scientist
  • Caroline as Ratso's Mom
  • Lady as Nurse
  • Gordon as Doctor

Version 2

  • Thomas as Kwicky Koala
  • Diesel as Wilford Wolf
  • Donald as George Bungle
  • Douglas as Joey Bungle
  • Percy as Crazy Claws
  • Henry as Ranger Rangerfield
  • Bulgy as Rawhide Clyde
  • S.C.Ruffey as Bristletooth
  • James as Dirty Dawg
  • Duck as Ratso
  • Gordon as Officer Bullhorn
  • Molly as Juliet
  • Rosie as Ratsie
  • Duke as Doctor
  • Caroline as Nurse
  • Daisy as Mrs. Von Snobbly
  • Lady as Miss Snooty
  • Spencer as Coach (from Lo-Cal Pals)
  • Toby as Sheepdog
  • Sir Topham Hatt as Jeremiah Koala
  • Emily as Miss Priderocks
  • Mavis as Female Kangaroo
  • Stepney as Kid Kangaroo
  • Narrow Gauge Engines as Puppies
  • Oliver as Customer (from Dirty's Debut)
  • Cranky as Tabby Cat
  • Diesel 10 as Bear
  • George as Fang
  • Hector as Lion
  • Smudger as Alien
  • Madge as Female Gorilla (from Disguise the Limit)
  • Henrietta as Ratso's Mom
  • Annie and Clarabel as Beautiful Bowsers
  • Troublesome Trucks as Other Dogs (from Dirty's Debut)

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