Version 1

  • Thomas as Jewel Sparkle
  • Edward as Bea spells A lot
  • Henry as Mittens Fluff And Stuff
  • Gordon as Forest
  • James as Dot Starlight
  • Percy as Ace
  • Toby as Pillow Fetterbed
  • Duck as Spot Splatter Splash
  • Donald as Crumbs
  • Douglas as Blosem flower pot
  • Oliver as Tippy
  • Bill as Berry
  • Ben as Sunny
  • Annie as Patch
  • Clarabel as Sprinkle
  • Daisy as Squtt Little top
  • Truck as Bundels
  • Sir Handel as Trinkit Sparkles
  • Bertie as Scribbes Splash
  • Terence as Blanket
  • Lady as Lady
  • Sir Batter Scarf as Harold
  • Coral Sea Shells as Boco
  • Toffie Cocao Cuddles as Mavis
  • Pix e flutters as Furgus
  • Misty as Jack
  • Peanut Big Top as Arthur

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