Thomas/Lamb Chop's Play-Along are parodies with "Thomas & Friends" clips and "Lamb Chop" sounds


Version 1 (made by mmcm312)
Daisy as Shari Lewis (Shari and Daisy both have red lips)
Emily as Lamb Chop
Thomas as Charlie Horse (Thomas and Charlie Horse are both brother figures of Emily and Lamb Chop)
Duck as Hush Puppy (Duck and Hush Puppy are both Western)
Hiro as Brian Ito (Brian and Hiro are both Japanese)
Mavis as Amanda McAdam
Rosie as Sabrina Sanchez
Henry as Bryan Robinson
James as John Creery (James and John both start with J)
Billy as Jason Guadalajara
Diesel 10 as Zack Moses
Caroline as Annick Obonsawin
Elizabeth as Emma Pollard (Elizabeth and Emma both start with E)
Percy as Phillip Boutte (Percy and Phillip both start with P)
Edward as Ramon Choyce
Gordon as Darran Doran
Salty as Zack McLemore
Flora as Rachel Sandor-Gough
Diesel as Kevin Yee
Lady as Talia Gilboa
Molly as Katie Orm
Isobella as Jade Schwartz
Madge as Toni White
Bertie as Buster the Bus (Bertie and Buster both have names that start with B)

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