• Emily as Annie Apple
  • Oliver as Bouncy Ben
  • Edward as Clever Cat
  • Belle as Dippy Duck
  • Henry as Eddy Elephant
  • Toby as Fireman Fred
  • Mavis as Golden Girl
  • Duck as Harry Hat Man
  • Toad as Impy Ink
  • Skarloey as Jumping Jim
  • Duke as Kicking King
  • Lady as Lucy Lamp Lady
  • Trevor as Munching Mike
  • James as Nick
  • Thomas as Oscar Orange
  • Percy as Peter Puppy
  • Elizabeth as The Queen
  • The Diesel/D261/Class 40 as Robber Red
  • Bill/Ben as Red Robot
  • Terrence as Sammy Snake
  • Molly as Ticking Tess
  • Old Slow Coach as Uppy Umbrella
  • Annie, Clarabel and Henrietta as Vase of Violets
  • Ashima as Vicky Violet
  • Daisy as the Wicked Water Witch
  • Salty as Walter Walrus
  • Rusty and Madge as Max and Maxine
  • Stepney as The Yo-Yo Man
  • Caroline as Zig Zag Zebra
  • The Miller as Mr A. the Apron Man
  • Gordon as Mr E. the Easy Magic Man
  • Bertie as Mr. I. the Ice-Cream Man
  • Jem Cole as Mr. O. the Old Man
  • Sir Handel as Mr. U. the Uniform Man
  • BoCo as Ticking Tom

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