• Charley - Thomas/Edward/Henry/James/Gordon/Den/Dart/Sodor Airport Planes/Bill/Ben/Salty/Charlie/Billy
  • Midge - Percy/Thomas/BJ ( From Barney/Charlie/Den/Dart/Bill/Ben/Charlie/Billy/Stanley
  • Caremell - Emily/Molly/Belle/Rosie/Lady/Mavis/Elizabeth/Rheneas/Baby Bop ( From Barney/Zoe (From Sesame Street)
  • Nibblet - Hiro/James/Den/Dart/Toby/Edward/Thomas/Dennis
  • Frozo - Percy/Duck/Dennis/Diesel/Toby
  • Rivet - Whiff/Charlie/Arthur/Dart/Bill/Ben/Den/Thomas
  • Ballerina - Rosie/Mavis/Flora/Belle


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