Thomas/Little Lulu

Thomas/Little Lulu is Parody with Little Lulu: Aduio and Thomas the Tank Engine


  • Hector as Daddy (Charlie can't Daddy, Charlie is good and Daddy is rude)
  • Emily as Little Lulu
  • Old Slow Coach as Mommy (They are both females)
  • Mr. Percival and Lady Hatt as Mr. and Mrs. Topkins
  • Thomas as Tubby (Thomas and Tubby are Both Friend Characters)
  • Edward and Isobella as Mr. and Mrs. Inch
  • Mavis as Annie Inch
  • Percy as Iggy Inch
  • Toby and Lady as Mr. and Mrs. Van Snobble
  • James as Snobbly
  • Henry as Eddie
  • Gordon as Wilbur
  • Toby and Hernettia as Mr. and Mrs. Darling
  • Rosie as Gloria
  • Murdoch and Daisy. as Katye's Father and Mother
  • Molly as Katye
  • Annie/Clarabel and Duck as the Twins
  • Diesel as Willy Willkins
  • BoCo and Gertie Greenbean
  • Stepney as Alvin Jones
  • Oliver as Alvin's Baby Brother
  • Jack and Madge as the W. Boys's Father and Mother
  • Sir Topham Hatt as W. Boy 1
  • Stephen Hatt as W. Boy 2
  • Bridget Hatt as W. Boy 3
  • Horrid Lorries as The Birds
  • Skarloey and Friends as Miss Feeny, mR. eRNEST, mR. cLARENCE, MR. TIMOTHY GOOGINS and the Teachers

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