Version 1 (made by ThomasandJamesfan1) (DO NOT EDIT OR DELETE!)

  • Thomas as Uncle Teapot (Thomas and Uncle Teapot are both friendly and they're both the main males)
  • Gordon as PC Pot (Gordon and PC Pot are both pompous)
  • Emily as Kitty Kettle
  • Percy as Barney Bin
  • Toby as H G Well
  • Edward as Grandpa Clock (Edward and Grandpa Clock are both old)
  • Rosie as Soapy Bubbles (Soapys Bubbles' voice suits Rosie)
  • Mavis as Bessie Brush (Mavis and Bessie Brush are both tomboys)
  • James as Ruffle
  • Billy as Mouse
  • Henry as Tree
  • Molly as Queen Teapot

Version 2 (made by Donaldthescotishtwin) (DO NOT EDIT OR DELETE!)

  • Thomas as PC Pot
  • Percy as Uncle Teapot
  • Emily as Kitty Kettle
  • Henry as Barney Bin
  • Gordon as H G Well
  • Toby as Grandpa Clock
  • Rosie as Soapy Bubbles
  • Molly as Bessie Brush
  • James as Ruffle
  • Billy as Mouse
  • Edward as Tree
  • Oliver as Magic House
  • Flora as Queen Teapot

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