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Version 1 (made by Catdog 040272)

  • Emily as Charlotte (Emily and Charlotte are both kind and cheerful)
  • Daisy as Vendetta (Daisy and Vendetta are both nasty and evil)
  • Thomas as Mr. Milk
  • Gordon as Hamster
  • Bertie as Buttons (Bertie and Buttons both have their names started with B)
  • Madge as Grandma Charleen
  • Duncan as Scissors Fiend
  • Peter Sam as Marvin
  • Rosie as Marion
  • Molly as Mrs. Mint
  • James as Red Evil Bird Fiend
  • Oliver as Vendetta's Dad
  • Mavis as Vendetta's Mom
  • Skarloey as Giant Cat Fiend
  • Percy as Buttons 2
  • Arry as Charlotte's Fiend Parent #1
  • Bert as Charlotte's Fiend Parent #2 (I know, Bert is male)
  • Diesel as No-Singing Fiend

More Ideas?

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