Casts for each parody is't just the same. Most are like Lady as Matilta, Rosie as Lavender, Emily as Miss Honey.

Here is a list


  • Matilda - Lady/Rosie/Annie/Clarabell/Mavis/Magde/Emily/Flora
  • Lavender - Rosie/Lady/Emily/Mavis/Annie/Clarabell/Flora/Magde
  • Bruce Brogtrotter - Duck/Den/Dart/Harvey/James
  • Miss Honey - Emily/Molly/Magde/Rosie/
  • Miss Truchbull - Daisy/Elizabeth/Shelly Marsh (from South Park)/Scott The Dick (from South Park)/Eric Cartman (from South Park)/Evil Emily/Evil Rosie
  • Amanda Tripp - Lady/Rosie/Annie/Clarabell
  • Harry Wormwood - Diesel/Norman/Smudger/Spencer/Evil Thomas/Evil Duck/Evil James/Evil Percy/Eric Cartman (from South Park)
  • Zinnia Wormwood - Daisy/Elizabeth/
  • Magnus - Toby/Edward/Duke/Hiro/Thomas/Duck/Donald/Douglas/Oliver
  • Mike Wormwood - James/Duncan/Patrick
  • The FBI Agents - Donald and Douglas/Bill and Ben/Thomas and Percy/Den and Dart/Gordon and Henry/James and Edward
  • The Narroter - Thomas/Edward/Henry/Gordon/James/Percy/Toby/Duck/Donand/Douglas/Oliver/Bill/Ben/BoCo/Billy/Salty/Den/Dart/Skarloey/Rheneas/Sir Handel/Peter Sam/Rusty/Duncan/Freddie/Migthy/Mac/Duke

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