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1. Blossom is Max

2. Julie Jones is A

3. Mike Finley is B

4. Madeline from (Madeline) is C

5. Gord pinsent is D

6. Marley the Dog is E

7. Woody the Dog is F

8. Stitch from (Lilo and Stitch: The Series) is G

9. Lilo from (Lilo and Stitch) is H

10. Sherri Lewis is I

11. Kai-Lan from (Ni Hao, Kai-Lan) is J

12. Dora from (Dora the Explorer) is K

13. Justin Beiber is L

14. Gary Hoffman is M

15. Marc brown is N

16. Leona from (between the lions) is O

17. Kaj pindal is P

18. Sienna is Q

19. John goodman is R

20. Aunt Evie is S

21. Jim Davis is T

22. Ashley is U

23. Debbie is V

24. Pearl the Octopus from (Finding Nemo) is W

25. Sheldon the seahorse from (Finding Nemo) is X

26. Donkey from (Shrek) is Y

27. Rich merona is Z

28. Ruff Ruffman is Dad

29. Taylor Swift is Mom

30. Grandma Ruff man is aunt

That's All.

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