Version 1

Attention niels epting WARNING: Do NOT edit or otherwise alter: Edit YOUR cast list ONLY. (See SP:CAST)

  • Thomas as Jeffrey
  • Gordon as Psycho Dad
  • James as Jesse
  • Edward as Uncle Larry (Both are Old)
  • Henry as Corn
  • Madge as Theresa
  • Percy as Parker
  • Duck as Buzz
  • Flying Scotsman (from RWS) as Chris Ridgway (Both are brothers to Gordon and Psycho Dad)
  • Emily as Kate (Emily and Kate are both girlfriends to Thomas and Jeffrey)
  • Molly as Juliette
  • Bertie as Poopyjohn
  • Henerietta as Ella
  • Toby as Mark
  • Belle as Aunt Jackie

Version 2

  • Thomas as Psycho Dad (Both Main Characters)
  • James as Jesse (Both Vain)
  • Percy as Jeffery

Version 3

  • Gordon as Psycho Dad (Both are fathers to Thomas and Jesse)
  • Thomas as Jesse
  • James as Jeffery
  • Percy as Corn (Percy and Corn are both best friends to Thomas and Jesse)

Version 4

  • James as Psycho Dad (Both are Rude and Spoiled Jerks)
  • Edward as Jesse
  • Percy as Jeffery
  • Thomas as Uncle Larry

Version 5

  • Gordon as Jeffrey (Both love their Jobs)
  • Thomas as Psycho Dad (Both are the Main Stars)
  • James as Jesse (Both are Vain, Splendid, and Grumpy)

Version 6

  • Diesel as Jesse
  • Gordon as Psycho Dad
  • Thomas as Jeffrey
  • Diesel 10 as Uncle Larry
  • D261 as Corn

Version 7

  • Thomas as Psycho Dad
  • Gordon as Jesse
  • Edward as Jeffrey
  • Sir Handel as Uncle Larry
  • Henry as Corn

Version 8

  • Duncan as Jesse
  • Skarloey as Jeffrey
  • Sir Handle as Psycho Dad
  • Peter Sam as Corn
  • Duke as Uncle Larry

Version 9

  • Gordon as Psycho Dad
  • Percy as Jesse
  • Henry as Jeffrey
  • Duck as Uncle Larry
  • Toby as Corn

Version 10.

Ryan as Jesse

Gordon as Psycho Dad

Henry As Uncle Larry

Flying Thistle as Jeffrey

Percy as Parker

Emily as Theresa

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