• Thomas as Mickey Mouse
  • Percy as Donald Duck
  • Henry as Goofy
  • Emily as Minnie Mouse
  • Lady as Daisy Duck
  • Toby as Ludwig Von Drake
  • Gremlin as Pluto
  • Diesel 10 as Pete
  • Bash as Huey
  • Dash as Dewey
  • Ferdinand as Louie
  • Clarabel as Clarabella Cow
  • Rosie as Clara
  • Spencer as Horace
  • Boco as Scoorge McDuck
  • Luke as Aracuan Bird
  • Salty as Jose Carioca
  • Duck as Humphrey
  • Smudger as Mortimer
  • Sprited Breakvan as Phanton Blot
  • Molly as Dinah
  • Gordon as Knuckles (from Sonic)
  • Harvey as Rotor (from Sonic)
  • Edward as Tails (from Sonic)
  • James as Espio (from Sonic)
  • Donald as Manic (from Sonic)
  • Douglas as Sonic (from Sonic)
  • Daisy as Sally (from Sonic)
  • Mavis as Bunnie (from Sonic)
  • Billy as Antoine (from Sonic)
  • Diesel as Snively (from Sonic)
  • Metal Sonic as Himself
  • Narrow Gauge Engines as Winnie the Pooh characters
  • Old Stuck Up and Spamcan (from RWS) as Scratch and Grounder (from Sonic)
  • Splatter and Dodge as Sleet and Dingo (from Sonic)
  • Arry and Bert as Bocoe and Decoe (from Sonic)
  • George as Coconuts (from Sonic)
  • Stepney as Little Toot (from Melody Time)

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