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Version 1 (made by BrittalCroftFan, do not edit, add, or delete!)

  • Terence as Mickey Mouse
  • Cranky as Donald Duck
  • Toby's Brother (from RWS) as Goofy
  • Boxhill (from RWS) as Young Todd
  • Tim (from greasemonkeydb1) as Adult Todd
  • Stephenson's Rocket (from RWS) as Young Copper
  • Peter (from greasemonkeydb1) Adult Copper
  • Mallard (from cactus190706) as Big Mama
  • Blister 1 and Blister 2 (from RWS) as Dinky and Boomer
  • Belle the Emearld Engine (made up tender engine) as Vixey
  • Heidi the J27 as Widow Tweed
  • Diesel 19 as Amous Slad
  • Evil Steam Engine #7 as Cheif
  • Beast the Express Engine (made up steam engine) as Grumpy Badger
  • Gaston the Claw Engine (made up diesel engine) as The Bear

Version 2 (BramGroatFilms)

  • Jack as Mickey Mouse
  • Patrick as Donald Duck
  • Kelly as Goofy
  • Thomas as Young Todd
  • Edward as Adult Todd
  • Percy as Young Copper
  • Henry as Adult Copper
  • Mavis as Big Mama
  • James and Duncan as Dinky and Boomer
  • Emily as Vixey
  • Molly as Widow Tweed
  • Spencer as Amos Slad
  • Bulgy as Cheif
  • Gordon as Mr. Digger
  • Toby as Porcupine
  • The Chinese Dragon as The Bear
  • Bertie as Squeaks the Caterpiller

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