Thomas/Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends Parody Episode Scripts is a fan thing to make

Thomas/Miss Spider Intro

  • Percy: Percy! Yeah!
  • Henry: Henry,
  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  • Percy: Percy,
  • Henry: Henry! Coming Through!
  • Thomas: Thomas,
  • Rosie: Rosie! Yeah!
  • Engines are Spinning away in the trees
  • Thomas: Thomas! Who hoo! Yeah!
  • Engines are Thomas and Engine the Truck
  • Percy: Percy! Engines Away!
  • Engine through the Truck
  • We're Engine Truck
  • The fun we hatch, in Engine Patch
  • To the Sodor, a family
  • On Engines and Trucks
  • And Truck things
  • Coming home for hugs
  • Thomas: Thomas! Wah-ha-ha!
  • Be Good to Engines

I'll Fly Away/All Pupa-ed Out

  • The Truck Aces are back in Engine Patch. the two Engine barnstormers, the king and Queen of the truck, Bill and Ben peform their breathtaking sodor show. Henry is especially enrapt. He wants
  • to learn a thing or two about truck. Bill takes Engine under his truck. When he invites truck to come along with them and join their mini aces, Henry asks Gordon and Molly. They give him a
  • definitive "no.' He belongs with their family. But when they realize that Henry has his heart set on it and that although they love him a ton, they can't teach him how to be the best Henry Engine
  • he can be, they change their minds. Henry is free to truck away. As truck is about to truck off for good, he has a change of heart. He realizes that for the time being he should be with the family that
  • loves him the best. He'll fly away some other day...

  • while out collecting nectar in the meadow Rosie and Percy come across a very cute tiny little madge they name "Cookie." Cookie is a truck madge and she eats her Weight in food every day! The
  • Kids run themselves Ragged trying to Keep cookie in Milkweed. Just when it seems like they can't take care of their guest any longer, Cookie spins he madge and turns into a Madge - right before
  • the Spider families amazed eyes.