Thomas/My Pet Monster is a parody series featuring video clips from Thomas & Friends and audio clips from My Pet Monster.


  • Thomas as Max
  • Percy as Chuckie
  • Bertie as Monster
  • Emily as Jill
  • Diesel as Beastur
  • Mavis as Ame
  • Spencer as Mr. Hinkle
  • Annie/Clarabel as Princess
  • Molly as Mrs. Smith
  • James as Blaine
  • Rosie as Jenny
  • Duncan as Leo
  • Henry as Jumbo Jim
  • Whiff as Myron
  • Diesel 10 as Mr. Big
  • Bulgy as Zookeeper
  • Arry/Bert as Nigel
  • Daisy as Gertie
  • Jack as Skateboarder
  • Fergus as Teacher
  • D261 as Rex Stalker
  • Patrick and Elizabeth as Cops

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