Thomas/Nellie the Elephant is a parody with Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends footage and Nellie the Elephant audio.


  • Emily as Nellie (Emily and Nellie the Elephant are both the main females)
  • Donald as Mr. Mac (Both Scottish)
  • Douglas as Mr. Tosh (Both Scottish)
  • Thomas as Captain Jack (Captain Jack's voice suits Thomas)
  • Bertie as Nelson the Parrot
  • Edward as Farmer Styles
  • Molly as Mrs. Styles
  • Rosie as Lamb
  • Mavis as Hungry Harriot
  • Lady Hatt as Miss Nettle
  • The Fat Controller as The Head of The Herd
  • Diesel as The Ringmaster (Diesel and The Ringmaster are both evil)
  • Oliver as Mr. Tippett
  • Gordon as Sergeant Boot
  • Boco as Captain Match
  • Madge as Mrs. Maple
  • Scruffey as Tiger (Mrs. Maple's cat)
  • Splatter and Dodge as The Two Burglars
  • and more

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