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  • Thomas as Larry Daley
  • Lady as Ameila Earhart
  • Gordon as Theodore Roosevelt
  • Diesel 10 as Kah Mun Rah
  • Diesel as Sir Lancelot
  • D261 as Al Capone
  • Bulgy as Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Sir Handel as Octavious
  • Peter Sam as Jedediah
  • Toad as Dexter
  • Bertie as Able
  • Emily as Sacagawea
  • James as General Custer
  • Percy as Nick Daley
  • Spencer as Cecil
  • Splatter as Reginald
  • Dodge as Gus
  • Henry as Dr. McPhee
  • Molly as Rebecca
  • Mavis as Erica Daley
  • Toby as Brundon
  • Cranky as Easter Island Head
  • Oliver as Laa
  • Ten Cents and Lillie Lightship (from TUGS) as Merenkahre and Shepseheret
  • The Spiteful Breakvan as Attila the Hun
  • Edward as Ahkmenrah
  • Madge as Debbie
  • The Chinese Dragon as Rexy the T-Rex

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