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Version 1 (made by dcolemanh)

  • Percy as Toon Link
  • Thomas as Captain Falcon
  • Emily as Zero Suit Samus
  • Sonic (Sega) as himself
  • Tails (Sega) as himself
  • Amy (Sega) as herself
  • Knuckles (Sega) as himself
  • Cream (Sega) as herself
  • Rouge (Sega) as herself
  • Shadow (Sega) as himself
  • Rosie as Peach
  • Edward as Mario
  • Henry as Dedede
  • Toby as Link
  • Gordon as Marth
  • Duck as Ike
  • Donald as Wario
  • Douglas as Waluigi
  • Rusty as Ness
  • Whiff as Lucas
  • Lady as Zelda
  • Rheneas as Yoshi
  • Duke as Luigi
  • Booker (from Garfeild) as Kirby
  • Sir Handel as Snake (Konami)
  • Daisy as Samus
  • Diesel 10 as Meta Knight
  • BoCo as Pit
  • Hercules (from TUGS) as Falco
  • Ten Cents (from TUGS) as Fox
  • Zorran (from TUGS) as Wolf
  • Jack as Pac-Man (Namco)
  • Alfie as Ms. Pac-Man (Namco)

Version 2

  • Stephen/Rocket as Mr. Game & Watch
  • Thomas as Mario
  • Percy as Luigi
  • Rosie as Peach
  • Diesel as Bowser
  • Donald as Wario
  • Douglas as Waluigi
  • Oliver as Link
  • Skarloey as Baby Mario
  • Rheneas as Baby Luigi
  • Ivo Hugh as Young Link
  • Freddie as Toon Link
  • Duke as Marth
  • Stanley as Roy
  • Smudger as Ike
  • Peter Sam as Yoshi
  • Rusty as Kirby
  • Sir Handel as Meta Knight
  • Duncan as King Dedede
  • Duck as Pikachu
  • Lady as Jigglypuff
  • Diesel 10 as Mewtwo
  • Frank as Pichu
  • Henry as Venusaur
  • Gordon as Blastoise
  • James as Charizard
  • Edward as Lucario
  • Connor as Captain Falcon
  • Caitlin as Jody Summer
  • Rex as Ness
  • Bert as Jeff
  • Mike as Poo
  • Jock as Lucas

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