This list puts characters from Thomas the Tank Engine in the roles of characters from both No More Heroes and its sequel No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle:

Thomas as Travis Touchdown

Emily as Sylvia Christel

Percy as Bishop Shidux

Dennis as Helter Skelter

Spencer as Death Metal

Gordon as Talbot

James as Weller

Belle as Diane

Annie & Clarabel as Dr. Naomi

Toby as Thunder Ryu

Donald & Douglas as Randall Lovikov

Bulgy as Dr. Peace

Rosie as Scarlet "Shinobu" Jacobs

Bill & Ben as Destroyman

Molly as Holly Summers

S. C. Ruffey (aka "Scruffey") as Letz Shake

Henry as Henry Cooldown

Hector the Horrid as Harvey Moiseiwitsch Volodarskii

Daisy as Speed Buster

Isobella as Bad Girl

Diesel 10 as Dark Star

Lady as Jeane

Smudger as Ermen Palmer

Stepney as Skelter Helter

Neville as Ryan Fitzgerald

Oliver as Nathan Copeland

George as Charlie McDonald

Troublesome Trucks as Charlie McDonald's Cheerleaders

Caroline as Kimmy Howell

Max & Monty as Matt Helms (adult form)

Jack as Matt Helms (child form)

Elizabeth as Cloe Walsh

Cranky as Dr. Letz Shake

Class 40 (aka "D261") as Million Gunman

Arry & Bert as New Destroyman

Bertie as Ryuji

Madge as Mimmy

Flora as Margaret Moonlight

Bulstrode as Captain Vladimir

Mavis as Alice Twilight

Diesel as Jasper Batt Jr.

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