• Thomas as Noddy
  • Toby as Big Ears
  • Toad as Bumpy Dog
  • Emily as Tessie Bear (Emily and Tessie Bear are both Girlfriends to Thomas and Noddy)
  • Gordon as Mr. Plod
  • Skarloey as Sam Skittle
  • Rosie as Sally Skittle
  • Edward as Mr. Sparks
  • Jack as Mr. Noah
  • The Guard as Station Master
  • Daisy as Wily Witch (Harold can't be Wily Witch, Harold is Male and Wily Witch is Female)
  • Diesel 10 as Sly
  • Diesel as Gobbo
  • Bertie as Noddy's Car

Voice Cast

  • Karan Briffett - Thomas
  • Eric Potts - Toby
  • Michael Seraphim - Toad and Diesel
  • Amanda MacDonald - Emily
  • Roger Bingham - Gordon, Guard and Daisy
  • Graham Breeze - Skarloey
  • Sara Jane Derrick - Rosie
  • Jonathan Rex - Edward, Jack and Arry

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