• Edward as Norbit/Rasputia/Mr. Wong
  • Miss Magic (from Mr. Men Show) as Kate Thomas
  • The spiteful breakvan as Big Jack Latimore
  • Charlie as Earl Latimore
  • Mr. Stubborn (from Mr. Men Show) as Blue Latimore
  • A red coach as Deion Hughes
  • Mr. Messy (from Mr. Men Show) as Pope Sweet Jesus
  • Mr. Rude (from Mr. Men Show) as Lord Have Mercy
  • Ferdinand as Abe the Tailor
  • Arthur as Giovanni
  • Pip/Emma as Mrs. Henderson
  • Miss Scary (from Mr. Men Show) as Mrs. Coleman
  • Murdoch as Morris the Barber
  • Shadow (from Sonic the Hedgehog) as Buster
  • Annie/Clarabel as Mrs. Ling Ling Wong
  • Mr. Small (from Mr. Men Show) as Norbit at Age of 5
  • Mr. Bounce (from Mr. Men Show) as Norbit at Age of 9
  • Sally the Seaplane (from TUGS) as Rasputia at Age of 10
  • Miss Chatterbox (from Mr. Men Show) as Kate at Age of 5
  • Miss Calamity (from Mr. Men Show) as Event Organizer
  • Rocky as Excited Man on TV
  • Mr. Rude (from Mr. Men Show) as Bully
  • Thomas as Bully
  • Mr. Noisy (from Mr. Men Show) as Boy at Schoolyard
  • James as Norbit at Age of 17
  • Miss Giggles (from Mr. Men Show) as Rasputia at Age of 17
  • Scratch (from Sonic the Hedgehog) as Preacher
  • Lillie Lightship (from TUGS) as Shop Owner
  • Mr. Scatterbrain (from Mr. Men Show) as Attendant
  • Breezie (from Sonic the Hedgehog) as Teen Attendant
  • Sunshine (from TUGS) as Kid at Water Park
  • A special coach as Floyd the Dog
  • Henrietta, Vanilla and Cream (from Sonic the Hedgehog) as Ex-Wives
  • Emily, Kaa (from The Jungle Book) and Emily's coach as Beautician
  • Mavis as Helga
  • Fergus as Puppeteer
  • Dennis as Charlie
  • Gordon as Kid
  • Sonia (from Sonic the Hedgehog) as Little Girl in the Pool
  • Bunnie (from Sonic the Hedgehog) as Orphan Girl
  • Carla (from TT), Emily (from TT) and Toby's museum coach as Moonbounce Kids
  • The blue fairy (from Pinocchio) as Kissing Booth Girl
  • Toad and Hank as Basketball Kid
  • Sacajawea (from Night at the Museum II) as Booty Shaker Girl
  • S.C. Ruffey and Salty as Rib Shack Waitress
  • Smitty and Needleman (from Monsters Inc.) and Mr Strong (from Mr. Men Show) as Giovanni Staffs
  • Old Slow Coach as Female Vocalist
  • Derek as Male Vocalist
  • Mike and Celia Mae (from Monsters Inc) as Wedding Guests
  • Honest John and Giden (from Pinocchio) as Bar Partons
  • Jessie (from Toy Story), Mole (from The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad), Queen Aleena (from Sonic the Hedgehog), Gordon's special coach, Evinrude (from The Rescuers), Oliver, Eve (from Wall-E), Toby, Flora's tram car, Mama Mousekewitz (from An American Tail), Todd (from The Fox and the Hound), Bear, A Troublesome Truck, Woody (from Toy Story), Tramp (from Lady and the Tramp),Spencer's special coach, Buzz Lightyear (from Toy Story), Rusell (from Up), Diesel and Perdita (from 101 Dalmatians) as Choir Member
  • Neville, Another Troublesome Truck, Minnie Mouse (from Mickey Mouse), Rosie, Lucas (from Sonic the Hedgehog) and Circus coach as Dancers

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