Diesel as Ulysses Everett McGill

Gordon as Delmar O'Donnell

Henry as Pete Hogwallop

Derek as Johnson Timmy

D261 as Daniel Big Dan

Molly as McGill Penny

Bulgy as Governor Puppy

Peter Sam as Sheriff Cooley

Toby as Homer Stokes

BoCo as Vernon T. Waldrip

George as Mr. Lund

Bill as Hogwallop Wash

Ben as Train

Duke as Train Tracks

Duck as Man

Oliver as Train Car

Daisy as Brake Trucks

Diesel 10 as Truck

Toby as Car

Sodor Airport Planes as House

Skarloey as Blind Seer

Freight Cars as Soldiers

Troublesame Trucks as Police Truck

Flood as Fire

Water as Flood

Brakevan as Trees

Donald as Rope

Douglas as Movie Theater

Lorry 2 as Eat

Lorry 3 as Dancing Sing

Lorry 1 as Bedroom

Bash/Dash as George Nelson

Cranky as Cow

Splatter/Dodge as Frog

Break Van as Papers Mac

Brake Car as Singing Girls

Freight as Water

Cars as Pigs

Van as Ford Henry Car

Truck as Rocks

Lady, Elizabeth and Isobella as The Sirens

Edward as Keys

Water as The Dogs

The Water as Mountains

Waterfall as Farm

Fire Truck as Farm Man

Fire Man as Horse

Fire Engine as Guitar

Fire as Pot

Engine as Farm Barn

Fireplace as Hogwallop Boy

The Fireplace as Boys

Place as Windy

The Sailboat as Hogwallop

Sailboat as The Ghost

Den/Dart as Dog

Algy as Toad

Brake as Box

The Trains as The Hogwallop

The Train as Hogwallop Man

The Freight Train as Lightning

The Goods Train as Eyes Cyclops

Good as Fire Church

Bad as Walking

Steamies and Diesels as Hair Brush

Calling All Engines as Mirror

James as The Box

Trevor as Chair

Rex as Jungle

Mike as Milk

Arry/Bert as Music

Bus as The Jungle

Lorry as Book

Horrid as Flood Water

Lorries as Picture Baseball

The Lorry as Flood Trees

Lorry Horrid as Trees Flood

The Horrid as Water Flood

Emily as Baby

Horrid Lorry as Night

Horried as Lamp

Lorrys as The Lamp

School Bus as Lamp Light

Bus School as Light Lamp

Bus as Music Vid

School as Vid Music

Bert as Toy Shop

Frank as Hair Man

Jock as Man Hair

Fred as Shopping

The Signal as The Shopping

Signal as Dancing

Signal The as Flag

Max/Monty as The Flag

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