Thomas/Ojamajo Doremi Series is a parody series featuring video clips of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends and sound from Magical Doremi/the Ojamajo Doremi series.


Version 1:

  • Emily as Dorie Goodwyn
  • Mavis as Mirabelle Heywood
  • Rosie as Reanne Griffith (both have names that start with 'R')
  • Lady as Ellie Craft
  • Daisy as Patina
  • Lady Hatt as the Head Witch
  • Molly as Mrs. Goodwyn
  • Caroline as Mrs. Griffith
  • Edward as Mr. Heywood
  • Male Engines as Boys
  • Isobella as Caitlyn
  • Madge as Momoko Asuka
  • Henrietta as Hana
  • Flora as Lala
  • Gordon as Mr. Goodwyn
  • Thomas as Takuro
  • James as Hasebe
  • Toby as Ichiro
  • Percy as Hajime
  • Clarabel as Karin
  • Annie as Melissa
  • Duck as Todd
  • Duncan as Alexander
  • BoCo as the King of the Lizard World
  • Freddie as Fujio
  • Jack as Stewart
  • Alfie as Leon

Version 3

Thomas as Dorie Goodwyn

Percy as Mirabelle Haywood

Duck as Reanne Griffith

James as Ellie Craft

Henry as Momoko Asuka

Stanley as Hana

Billy as Caitlyn

Gordon as Patina

Toby as Mrs. Goodwyn (Dorie's Mom)

Flora as Mr. Goodwyn

Molly as Mr. Heywood

Peter Sam as Lala

Sir Topham Hatt as the Head Witch

Edward as Mrs. Griffith

Emily as Takuro

Rosie as Hajime

Mavis as Ichiro

Oliver as Juliet

Annie as Todd Washington

Clarabel as Kenta

Stepney as Penny

Donald/Douglas as Gia

Isobella as Stewart

Bill/Ben as Autumn Harrison

Spencer as Josie Huffington

Caroline as Justin Bailey

Freddie as Sachiko

Toad as Yuko

Duncan as Mint Wada

Bertie as Yoko Manda

Cranky as Patunia

Daisy as Alexander

Elizabeth as the King of the Lizard World

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