Version 1

  • Skarloey as Baby Oliver
  • Thomas as Young Oliver
  • Duck as Bow
  • Oliver as Luke
  • Rosie as Hannah
  • Lady as Bertha
  • City of Truro as Jeremy
  • Bill as Bobby
  • Ben as Toby
  • Green Arrow (from RWS), Duke, Derek, Whiff, Sir Handel, Rusty, Stanley, Dennis, James, Flynn and Hiro as The Kittens
  • Percy as 19-GB
  • Murdoch as Father Cat
  • Belle as Mother Cat
  • Thumper as John
  • Madge as Dawn
  • Edward as Owen Griffiths
  • Mavis as Alice
  • Millie as Emily
  • Butch as Doctor
  • Flora as Nurse
  • Donald as Blue Baby Bird
  • Clarabel as Mother Bird
  • Hank as Dr. Herbert Landon
  • Isobella as Rosie the Fairy
  • Caroline, Caitlin, Old Slow Coach, Isabel (from RWS), Henrietta, Victoria (from RWS) and Helena (from RWS) as The Fairies
  • Jack as the Frog
  • Culdee (from RWS) as Dr. Curt Connors
  • Diesel as Gargamel
  • Diesel 10 as Sykes
  • Arry and Bert as Bulk and Skeleton
  • George as Captain Hook
  • Scruffey as Slithe
  • D261 as Jackalman
  • Old Stuck Up (from RWS) as Monkian
  • Fred Pelhay (from RWS) as Vultureman
  • Tiger Moth, Lorry 1, Lorry 2, Lorry 3, Max, Monty, Smudger, Rickety (from RWS), Sixteen (from RWS), The Spiteful Breakvan, U. L. P. (from RWS), The Elderly Breakvan (from the TTTE Annuals), The Foreign Engine (from RWS), Spencer and Mallard (from RWS) as The Lizards
  • Lord Harry (from RWS), Den, Dart, Hector, Bulstrode, Norman, The Diesel Shunter (from RWS), Sidney and Paxton as The Reptilians
  • Bulgy as The Werewolf
  • Godred (from RWS) as The Lizard
  • Troublesome Trucks as The Crocodiles

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