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  • James as Numbuh 1
  • Thomas as Numbuh 2
  • Rosie as Numbuh 3 (Numbuh 3's Voice Suits Rosie The Lavander Tank Engine)
  • Percy as Numbuh 4
  • Emily as Numbuh 5 (Numbuh 5's Voice Suits Emily The Beautiful Emerald Sterling Engine)
  • Jack as Sidney
  • Isobella as Jessica (Jessica's Voice Suits Isobella The Yellow Vintage Lorry)
  • Spencer as Al Sugarh
  • Diesel as Heinrich Von Marzipan
  • Mavis as Henrietta Von Marzipan (Henrietta Von Marzipan's Voice Suits Mavis The Quarry Diesel)
  • Edward as Dr. Lincoln
  • Molly as Mrs. Lincoln (Mrs. Lincoln's Voice Suits Molly The Yellow Tender Engine)
  • Daisy as Cree Lincoln (Cree Lincoln's Voice Suits Daisy The Diesel Railcar)
  • Salty as Stickybeard
  • Elizabeth as Madame Zini (Madame Zini's Voice Suits Elizabeth The Vintage Lorry)
  • Diesel 10 as Black John Licorice
  • Ten Cents as Thomas
  • Warrior as Henry
  • Big Mac as Gordon
  • Top Hat as James
  • Sunshine as Percy
  • OJ as Toby
  • Boomer as Oliver
  • Lillie Lightship as Emily (Emily's Voice Suits Lillie Lightship)
  • Sally Seaplane as Mavis (Mavis' Voice Suits Sally Seaplane)
  • Lord Stinker as Whiff
  • Captain Star as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Rebecca (from TT) as Elizabeth (Elizabeth's Voice Suits Rebecca)
  • Bluenose as Spencer
  • Zorran as Diesel
  • King Acorn as Captain Star
  • Sonic as Ten Cents
  • Knuckles as Big Mac
  • Uncle Chuck as OJ
  • Antoine as Top Hat
  • Big as Warrior
  • Chris Thorndyke as Hercules
  • Tails as Sunshine
  • Rotor as Grampus
  • Princess Sally Acorn as Lillie Lightship (Lillie Lightship's Voice Suits Princess Sally Acorn)
  • Amy Rose as Sally Seaplane (Sally's Seaplane's Voice Suits Amy Rose)
  • Dr. Quark as Captain Zero
  • Dr. Robotnik as Zorran
  • Snively as Zak
  • Scratch as Zug
  • Grounder as Zip
  • Metal Sonic as Bluenose

Characters Accents

  • James - English
  • Thomas - American
  • Rosie - Japanese
  • Percy - Australian
  • Emily - African-American
  • Spencer - Arabic
  • Jack - Indian
  • Isobella - American
  • Diesel - German
  • Mavis - German
  • Edward - African-American
  • Molly - French
  • Daisy - African-American
  • Salty - West Country
  • Elizabeth - Gypsy
  • Diesel 10 - West Country
  • Ten Cents (UK Dub) - Scouse
  • Ten Cents (US Dub) - American
  • Warrior (UK Dub) - Scouse
  • Warrior (US Dub) - American
  • Big Mac (UK Dub) - Scouse
  • Big Mac (US Dub) - American
  • Top Hat (UK Dub) - Scouse
  • Top Hat (US Dub) - American
  • Sunshine (UK Dub) - Scouse
  • Sunshine (US Dub) - American
  • OJ (UK Dub) - Scouse
  • OJ (US Dub) - American
  • Boomer (UK Dub) - Scouse
  • Boomer (US Dub) - American
  • Lillie Lightship (UK Dub) - Scottish
  • Lillie Lightship (US Dub) - American
  • Sally Seaplane (UK Dub) - Scouse
  • Sally Seaplane (US Dub) - American
  • Lord Stinker (UK Dub) - Scouse
  • Lord Stinker (US Dub) - American
  • Captain Star (UK Dub) - Scouse
  • Captain Star (US Dub) - American
  • Rebecca (UK Dub) - Scouse
  • Rebecca (UK Dub) - American
  • Bluenose (UK Dub) - Posh
  • Bluenose (US Dub) - American
  • Zorran (UK Dub) - Scouse
  • Zorran (US Dub) - American

Characters Names

  • Numbuh 1 (Aka James Uno)
  • Numbuh 2 (Aka Thomas P. Gilligan Jr.)
  • Numbuh 3 (Aka Rosie Sanban)
  • Numbuh 4 (Aka Percy Beatles)
  • Numbuh 5 (Aka Emily Lincoln)
  • Spencer Sugarh
  • Jack (Sidney)
  • Isobella (Jessica)
  • Diesel/Mavis Von Marzipan
  • Dr. Edward Lincoln
  • Mrs. Molly Lincoln
  • Daisy Lincoln (Former Numbuh 11)
  • StickyDiesel (Aka Salty)
  • Madame Elizabeth
  • Black Diesel 10 Licorice
  • Ten Cents The Star Fleet Switcher Tugboat
  • Big Mac The Harbour Tugboat
  • Top Hat The Railway Tugboat
  • Sunshine The Small Star Fleer Switcher Tugboat
  • OJ The Paddle Steamer Tugboat
  • Boomer The Orange Tugboat
  • Lillie The Beautiful Pink Lightship
  • Sally The Quarry Seaplane
  • Lord Stinker The Garbage Barge
  • Captain Star (Himself)
  • Rebecca The Research Vessel
  • Bluenose The Blue Naval Tugboat
  • Devious Zorran

Voice Cast

  • Ben Diskin - James and Thomas
  • Lauren Tom - Rosie
  • Dee Bradley Baker - Percy and Diesel
  • Cree Summer - Emily, Molly, Daisy and Elizabeth
  • Rob Paulsen - Spencer and Jack
  • Amber Hood - Isobella
  • Kevin Michael Richardson - Edward
  • Mark Hamill - Salty
  • Marc Graue - Diesel 10
  • Candi Milo - Mavis
  • Michael Angelis (British Dub) - Ten Cents, Warrior, Big Mac, Top Hat, Sunshine, OJ, Boomer, Lillie Lightship, Sally Seaplane, Lord Stinker, Captain Star, Rebecca, Bluenose and Zorran
  • Michael Brandon (American Dub) - Ten Cents, Warrior, Big Mac, Top Hat, Sunshine, OJ, Boomer, Lillie Lightship, Sally Seaplane, Lord Stinker, Captain Star, Rebecca, Bluenose and Zorran
  • Patrick Allen - Narrator and King Acorn
  • Simon Nash - Sonic
  • Nigel Anthony - Knuckles and Chris Thorndyke
  • Timothy Bateson - Uncle Chuck
  • John Baddeley - Antoine and Grounder
  • Sean Barrett - Big and Metal Sonic
  • Shaun Prendergast - Tails and Snively
  • Mike Mulloy - Dr. Quark and Scratch
  • Chris Tulloch - Dr. Robotnik
  • Lee Cornes - Rotor
  • Britt Allcroft - Princess Sally Acorn and Amy Rose


  • James would be a British Leader Of Sector V.
  • Thomas would be an North American 2x4 Technology Officer.
  • Rosie would be a Happy-Go-Lucky Japanese Rainbow Monkeys Fangirl.
  • Percy would be an Australian Hand-To-Hand Combat.
  • Emily would be a Relaxed African-American Indiana Jones Fangirl and Love candies.
  • Spencer would a Arabian Candy Bandit.
  • Jack would be a Leader Of The Pack.
  • Isobella would be Blackmailed by Devious Diesel.
  • Devious Diesel would be a German Candy Explorer and Salty's Former Cabin Boy, Who wears a Monocle and Emily's Rival.
  • Mavis would be a Girl Version Of Devious Diesel, Who is a German Candy Explorer and Emily's Best Friend.
  • Daisy would be Emily's Evil Older Sister, a Former Engines Next Door Operative and a Teenage Ninja.
  • Edward would be Emily and Daisy's Father, Who is a Doctor.
  • Molly would be Emily and Daisy's French Mother.
  • Salty would be a Candy Pirate and Diesel 10's Former Cabin Boy.
  • Elizabeth would be a Gypsy Fortune Teller.
  • Diesel 10 would be a Licorice Pirate, Who Kidnaps Devious Diesel.
  • Ten Cents would be a Cheeky Star Fleet Switcher.
  • Warrior would be a Clumsy Star Haubour Tugboat.
  • Big Mac would be an Important Star Harbour Tugboat.
  • Top Hat would be a Vain Railway Star Tugboat.
  • Sunshine would be Ten Cents' Best Friend.
  • OJ would be a Wise Old Paddle Steamer Tugboat.
  • Lillie Lightship would be a Beautiful Lightship, a Member of the Star Fleet and Ten Cents' Love Interest.
  • Sally Seaplane would be a Quarry Seaplane.
  • Lord Stinker would a Garbage Barge.
  • Captain Star would be a Leader of the Star Fleet.
  • Rebecca would be a Vintage Research Vessel.
  • Bluenose would be a Uppity Naval Tugboat.
  • Zorran would a Devious Z-Stack.


Operation: R.A.B.B.I.T.

  • Thomas: Hey, We're the Engines Next Door, Of course we'll get your bunny back, Right after we'll get some lunch.
  • Emily: We'll help now, But first you gonna tell us who did this?
  • Jack: He did not give his name, He only laugh and he said "That, this would serve a payment".
  • Isobella: Mr. Diesel, Mr. Diesel Von Devious Diesel Shunter Sir, The temple is just ahead, Just like I said Sir, So now you wouldn't take Hopsy-Mopsy away, Right?
  • Diesel: I vould never do zat, mein Isobella. Onvard!, Schnell, Schnell!

Operation: C.H.O.C.O.L.A.T.E.

  • Emily: Diesel.
  • Diesel: Emily, Not content vith mere victory I see, You haff come here to rubbing mein face, Haffn't you?
  • Emily: I just brought I bring you a little bit of something. Give me a call when you're less bitter and a little more sweet, See around Diesel!
  • Diesel: Huh?, Mein, Mein, Huh?, Cheeseburger, Huh?, Oh, bless you, Emily ze Emerald Steamie, bless you. Ach so good, Ach Ja, Huh?, Pickles?, Ach Du Liebe?, Oh, I hate ze pickles!

Operation: C.A.R.A.M.E.L.

  • Emily: Hey Diesel, Hard to believe it's been five years since the last time we were in Guatemala, Ah, Just a couple of engines after the ultimate prize, and I see you're doing it again. Haven't yo learnt ya lesson?
  • Diesel: Zis time, it is different, zis time it's to get back, vhat I lost. You see, I find out how.
  • Emily: Really?
  • Diesel: Ja, und I could use your help. If you could chust hand me vone uf zose bags uf sugar, I'll finish ze circle und all vill be as it vas.
  • Emily: Of course, Diesel, Anything I can do to help.
  • Thomas: Hey, Emily, Who's your friend?, Ohh, What a fox?
  • Emily: This is Mavis Von Quarry Diesel Engine. She's an old friend of mine.
  • Mavis: I must now go to help undo ze wrongs I haff done, Zanks for not giving up on me, Emily. Until ve meet again! Auf wiedersehen!
  • Emily: Be good, Mavis!

Emily's New Coaches/Lillie Lightship's New Barges

  • Ten Cents: Hello.
  • Lillie Lightship: Hello to you.
  • Lillie Lightship: Ten Cents, I'm sorry, I took Petra and Pearl.
  • Ten Cents: and I'm sorry, I was so cross.
  • Lillie Lightship: Friends.
  • Ten Cents: Friends.

Emily's New Route/Lillie Lightship's New Route

  • Lillie Lightship: Captain Star told me I was doing the flour mill special.
  • Top Hat: You're lucky, I have to the Black Loch Run.
  • Lillie Lightship: Why don't, I going to Black Loch?
  • Top Hat: And there's a Black Loch Monster!
  • Lillie Lightship: What's the Black Loch Monster?
  • Top Hat: Nobody Knows!

Emily and The Special Coaches/Lillie Lightship and The Special Barges

  • Zorran: You're looking very pleased with yourself. Big Mac is not the only one, who is special.
  • Lillie Lightship: There's nothing special about smelly old Z-Stacks. I haven't got time to listen to you, I've going to collect more fuel.

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