Casts for each parody aren't always the same, but some are mostly like Thomas as RJ and Gordon as Verne. Here's a list.


  • RJ - Thomas/Toby/James/Edward/Duck/Percy/Bill/Ben/Rusty/Duncan/Oliver/Stanley/Trevor/Henry/Gordon/Stepney/Skarloey/Arthur/Murdoch/Diesel/Himself
  • Verne - Gordon/Thomas/Oliver/James/Percy/Stepney/Toby/Henry/Rusty/Duncan/Sir Handel/Peter Sam//Duck/Bill/Ben/Stanley/Rheneas/Arthur/Murdoch/Himself
  • Hammy - Percy/James/Trevor/Thomas/Duck/Rheneas/Skarlory/Peter Sam/Edward/Billy/Charlie/Oliver/Stanley/Stepney/Gordon/Bulgy/Himself
  • Stella - Emily/Lady/Molly/Rosie/Belle/Caroline/Daisy/Himself
  • Ozzie - Oliver/Gordon/Thomas/Percy/Murdoch/Toby/Henry/Arthur/James/Himself
  • Heather - Rosie/Lady/Madge/Molly/Mavis/Himself
  • Lou - Edward/James/Gordon/Henry/Toby/Donald/Douglas/Thomas/Percy/Himself
  • Penny - Molly/Mavis/Caroline/Belle
  • Spike, Bucky and Quillo - Bill, Ben and Billy/Percy, Stepney and Charlie/Skarloey, Rheneas and Rusty/Thomas, Percy and Gordon/Duck, Oliver and Toad/Themselves/Jack, Alfie and Ned
  • Tiger - James/BoCo/Duncan/Sir Handel/Oliver/Duck/Thomas/Edward/Percy/Himself
  • Vincent - Diesel 10/D261/Spencer/Devious Diesel/Spamcan (from The Railway Series)/Arry/Bert/Old Stuck Up (from The Railway Series)/Bulgy/George/Duncan/The Spiteful Break Van/S.C.Ruffey/Splatter/Dodge/Smudger/Chinese Dragon/Himself
  • Dwayne - Devious Diesel/Bulstrolde/Arry/Bert/Bulgy/D261/Spencer/Duncan/Geogre/Smudger/Diesel 10/Himself
  • Gladys Sharp - Daisy/Mavis/Caroline/Elizabeth/Judge Judy the Diesel/Evil Queen (from Snow White)/Himself
  • The Play Dog - S.C.Ruffey/The Spiteful Break Van/Hector/Troublesome Trucks/Himself

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