Molly as Ofelia

Henry as Captain Vidal

Emily as Mercedes

Thomas and Oliver as Faun and Pale Man

Isobella as Careman

Gordon as Doctor Ferreiro

Bash as Garces

Dash as Serrano

Den as Perdo

Dart as King of the Underworld

Mr. Percival as Narrator

Freight Cars as Police Officers

Troublesame Trucks as Police Car

Sodor Airport Planes as Giant Toad

Hector as Norte Dame

Duncan as Horse

Duck as Key

The Fred as Door

Sir Handel as Rain

Peter Sam as Bed

Rheneas as Read

Skarloey as Clock

Jack as Dinner

Kelly as Eat

Nelson as Fire

Ned as Soldiers

Harvey as Music

Salty as Trees

George as Farm

BoCo as Barn

Trevor as Monster

Fergus as Once Upon a Time

Derek as Book

D261 as Reading

Edward as Running

James as Horses

Toby as The Clock

Rocky as Car

Dennis as The Car

Neville as The Horses

Spencer as The Horse

Murdoch as Police

Cranky as Officers

Colin as Officers Police

Diesel 10 as Officer

Diesel as Police Officer

199 Diesel as Officer Police

Butch as Driving Car

Bulgy as Car Driving

Bertie as Driving

Fred as The Driving

Max as Driving The Car

Monty as Car The Driving

Bill as The Trees

Ben as Trees The

Donald as Giant

Douglas as The Toad

Belle as Toad

Hiro as The Giant

Boat as Giant The

Bulstrode as Toad The

Terence as Giant Toad

Thumper as The Toad Giant

Tiger Moth as Toad Giant

The Water as Dirty

Water as The Snake

Flying Kipper as Snake

Chinese Dragon as Snake The

Breakdown Train as The Worm

The Breakdown Train as Worm

The Flying Kipper as Worm The

The Chinese Dragon as The Tunnel

Water The as Tunnel

The Dragon as The Door

Dragon as Door

Dragon The as Door The

The Flying as The Key

Flying as Key

Flying The as Key The

Waterfall as The Log

The Waterfall as Log

Waterfall The as Log The

Breakdown as The Train

The Train as Train

Train as Train The

The Water Fall as Magic Rose

Water Fall as Rose Magic

Water Fall The as Magic

The Fall as Rose

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