Thomas/Parker Lewis Can't Lose are parodies with "Thomas & Friends" clips and "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" sounds.

Version 1 (made by mmcm312)

  • Thomas as Parker Lewis (Thomas and Parker are both the main characters of the show)
  • James as Mikey Randall (James and Mikey are both splendid)
  • Whiff as Jerry Steiner (Whiff and Jerry both wear glasses)
  • Daisy as Principal Grace Musso (Daisy and Ms. Musso are both sexy)
  • Diesel as Frank Lemmer
  • Mavis as Shelly Lewis
  • Gordon as Larry Kubiac (Gordon and Kubiac are both big and they both have deep voices)
  • Molly as Judy Lewis
  • Stepney as Marty Lewis
  • Emily as Annie Sloan
  • Diesel 10 as Dr. Norman Pankow (Diesel 10 and Dr. Pankow are both Daisy and Ms. Musso's arch-nemesis)
  • Percy as Brad Penny
  • Hank as Coach Hank Kohler (Hank and Hank Kohler both share the same name)
  • Henry as Nick Comstock

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