Thomas as Mario/Homer Simpson/Gromit/Peter Griffin/Buzz Lightyear/Flik/James P Sullivan/Marlin the Clownfish/Bob Parr/Lightning McQueen/Remy the Rat/Roddy St. James/Matt/Master Monkey/Barry the Bee/Paddington Bear/Four/Perfect Peter

Oliver as Luigi/Chief Wiggum/Wheezy the Penguin/Max/Six

Percy as Yoshi/Bart Simpson/Kyle (South Park)/Sheriff Woody/Mike Wazoski/Nemo/Dash Parr/Tow Mater/Emile the Rat/Digit/Three

James as Toad/Moe Syzlak/Chris Griffin/Rex the Dinosaur/Francis the Ladybird/Francesco Bernoulli/Linguini the Chef/Delete/Two/Eric Cartman

Emily as Peach/Marge Simpson/Fluffles the Dog/Lois Griffin/Jessie the Cowgirl/Princess Atta/Helen Parr/Sally Carrera/Rita/Jackie/One

Diesel 10 as Bowser/Sideshow Bob/Victor Quartermeinte/Lotso/Randall/The Barraduca (Finding Nemo)/Miles Axlerod/The Toad/Spout/The Puzzler/Tai Lung/Vic Van Wrinkle

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