• Thomas as Happy Boy
  • Edward as Blue Boy
  • Henry as Terror
  • Gordon as Grumpy
  • James as Big Boy
  • Percy as Sunshine
  • Toby as Grandpa
  • Duck as Artist
  • Donald as Isore
  • Douglas as Giro
  • Oliver as Falling Boy
  • Emily as Chira
  • Stepney as Coffee Cold
  • Rosie as Little Girl
  • Boco as Fireman
  • Caroline as Pleat Girl
  • Salty as Singing Man
  • Molly as Susa
  • Billy as Laughing Man
  • Harvey as Gilbert
  • Elizabeth as Grandma
  • Spencer as SpaceMan
  • Class 40 as Hero 60
  • Diesel as Serry
  • Arry/Bert as Sherri and Simmy
  • Dennis as Strinker
  • Dodge and Splatter as Sheldon and Siro
  • Diesel 10 as Johnny Burrito
  • Bertie as Big Red Rooster
  • Harold as Breaker
  • Bulgy as Billy

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