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  • Rosie as Peppa Pig (Thomas cannot suit Peppa pig, bdcuas etheu are the oppisite genders)
  • Henry as Daddy Pig
  • Emily as Mummy Pig
  • Percy as George Pig
  • Duke as Grandpa Pig
  • Elizabeth as Granny Pig
  • Lady as Suzy Sheep
  • Edward as Daddy Rabbit
  • Bertie as Pedro Pony
  • James as Danny Dog
  • Mavis as Zoe Zebra
  • Isobella as Emily Elephant
  • Daisy as Rebecca Rabbit
  • Molly as Mommy Rabbit
  • Donald or maybe Douglas as Freddy Fox
  • Flora as Wendy Wolfin
  • Skarloey as Richard Rabbit
  • Peter Sam as Edmond Elephant
  • Madge and Caroline as Zuzu And Zaza
  • Rocky as Granddad Dog
  • Gordon as Mr. Bull
  • Lady Hatt as Madame Gazelle

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