Version 1(ThomasTenCents)

  • Thomas as Pinocchio
  • Percy as Jimminy Cricket
  • Henry as Geppetto
  • Rusty as Figero
  • Toby as Cleo
  • Spencer as Strombolli
  • Rosie as The Blue Fairy
  • Terence as Honest John as The Donkey Stealer
  • Diesel 10 as Monstro the Evil Whale

Version 2(Thomas/Aladdin)

  • Thomas as Aladdin
  • Percy as Abu
  • Emily as Jasmine
  • James as Genie
  • Edward as Lago
  • Diesel 10 as Jafar
  • Salty as Roazul

Version 3(Thomas/PinocchioThomasTenCents)

  • Thomas as Dumbo's Mother
  • Bertie as Dumbo
  • Edward as Timothy.H.Mouse
  • Rhenaes as Mr. Stork

Version 4(Thomas/PinocchioThomasTenCents)

  • Thomas as Patch
  • Gordon as Pongo
  • Mavis as Pertie

Version 5(Thomas/PinocchioThomasTenCents)

  • Thomas as Peter Pan(Salty Can't Be Peter Pan)
  • Harvey as Captain Hook

Version 6(Thomas/Pinocchio)

  • Thomas as Wart
  • Henry as Merlin
  • James as Archimedas
  • Gordon as Sir Ector
  • Spencer as Sir Kay
  • Diesel 10 as Mad Madam Mim

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