Bash as Sammy Smelter

Ryan as Rusty Cornfuel

Bertie as Dale Earnhardt. Jr.

Rusty as Mario Andretti

Ben as Darell Cartrip

Dash as Sammy the Studebaker

Neville as Aiken Axler

Hank as Chuck Armstrong

Peter Sam as Dirkson D'Agostino

Skarloey as Kevin Racingtire (Skarloey suits Kevin)

Murdoch as Eugene Carbureski

Connor as Ryan Shields

Oliver as Strip "The King" Weathers

Sir Handel as Ruby "Easy" Oaks

Gordon as Doc Hudson

Trevor as Claude Scruggs

Ferdinand as Johnny Blamer

Duncan as Brush Curber

Billy as Billy Oilchanger

Paxton as James Clenair

Charlie as Lee Revkins

Duke as Winford Bradford Rutherford

Bertram as Manny Flywheel

Stanley as Floyd Mullvhill

Molly as Misti Motorkrass

Arthur as Slider Petrolski

Ned as Crusty Rotor

Kelly as Haul Inngas

Sidney as Sage Vanderspin

Salty as Darren Leadfoot

Fergus as Davey Apex

Fearless Freddie as Matthew Overtaker

Diesel as Chick Hicks

Porter as Ponchy Wipeout

Dennis as Murray Clutchburn

Norman as Ernie Gearson

Thomas as Lightning Mcqueen

Victor as Greg Candyman

Stephen as Ralph Carlow

Hiro as Kevin Shiftright

Rheneas as Todd Marcus

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