• Thomas as Dusty Crophopper
  • Emily as Lil' Dipper
  • Spencer as Blade Ranger
  • Duck as Windlifter
  • Murdoch as Cabbie
  • Toby as Skipper
  • Stepney as Sparky
  • Mavis as Ishani
  • Harvey as Chug
  • Lady as Dottie
  • Donald/Douglas as Leadbottom
  • Rosie as Rochelle
  • Diesel as Ripslinger
  • Arry & Bert as Ned & Zed
  • Gordon as Bulldog
  • Henry as El Chupacabra
  • James as Bravo
  • Edward as Echo
  • Fergus as Roper
  • Percy as Franz Fliegenhosen
  • Connor as Tripp
  • Harold as Hector Vector
  • Jeremy as Colin Cowling
  • Duke as Fonzarail 
  • Hiro as Judge Davis
  • BoCo as Hammer
  • Arthur as LJH 86 special
  • Salty as Jan Kwolaski
  • Stafford as Sun Wig
  • Stephen as Arturo
  • Connor as Little King

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