• Duck & Oliver as Jak & Daxter
  • James & Fergus as Ratchet & Clank
  • Thomas as Nathan Drake
  • BoCo as Sly Cooper
  • Rosie as Fat Princess
  • Spencer as Evil Cole
  • Harvey as Sir Daniel Fortesque
  • Bulgy as Colonel Radec
  • Trevor as Sackboy 
  • D261 as Big Daddy
  • Emily as Nariko
  • Hector as Dante
  • George as Heihachi Mishima
  • Bertie as Toro Inoue
  • Percy as Spike
  • Stepney as Parappa the Rapper
  • Gordon as Cole
  • Edward as Raiden
  • Diesel 10 as Sweet Tooth
  • Diesel as Kratos
  • Toby as Emmett Graves
  • Lady as Kat
  • Skaroley as Issac Clark
  • Henry as Zeus

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