• Thomas as Ash Ketchum
  • Percy as Pikachu
  • Emily as Serena
  • Rheneas as Chespin
  • Isabella as Fennekin
  • Peter Sam as Froakie
  • Edward as Clemont
  • Rosie as Bonnie
  • Bertie as Dedenne
  • Daisy as Jessie
  • Diesel as James
  • Smudger as Meowth
  • Billy as Wobbuffet
  • Caroline as Inkay
  • Lady as Diancie
  • Belle as Xerneas
  • Diesel 10 as Yveltal
  • Troublesome Trucks as the Carbink
  • Murdoch as Argus Steel
  • Mavis as Millis Steel
  • Lillie Lightship (TUGS) as Marilyn Flame
  • Top Hat (TUGS) as Ninja Riot
  • Carla (Theodore Tugboat) as Astrid
  • Foduck (Theodore Tugboat) as Alain
  • Sally Seaplane (TUGS) as Diantha
  • Hank as Wikstrom
  • The Station Master as The Shopper
  • Gordon as Chesnaught
  • Henry as Delphox
  • James as Greninja
  • Elizabeth as Mega Absol
  • Spencer as Charizard
  • Molly as Gardevoir
  • BoCo as Scizor

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