James as Ash Ketchum

Percy as Pikachu

Duncan as Pignite

Rheneas as Oshawott

Peter Sam as Snivy

Sir Handel as Scraggy

S.C. Ruffey as Boldore

Mavis as Iris

Skarloey as Axew

Caroline as Emolga

Edward as Cilan

Rusty as Pansage

Toby as Stunfisk

Smudger as Meowth

Rosie as Malin

Trevor as Vanillite

Annie and Clarabel as the mother and daughter

Carla (Theodore Tugboat) as Misaki

Sunshine (TUGS) as Kanata

Diesel 10 as Kyurem

Thomas as Keldeo

Henry as Cobalion

Gordon as Terrakion

Emily as Virizion

Troublesome Trucks as the Cryogonal

Molly as Liepard

Bertram as Herdier

Fearless Freddie as Cubchoo

Murdoch as Beartic

Bulgy as Patrat/Watchog

Alfie as Sewaddle/Swadloon

Madge as Leavanny

Stepney as Blitzle

Salty as Zebstrika

Lady as Mincinno/Cincinno

Spencer as Seismitoad

Elizabeth as Purrloin

Diesel as Garbodor

The Lorry as Whirlipede

Daisy as Scolipede

Rebecca (Theodore Tugboat) as Deerling

Old Slow Coach as Sawsbuck

Duck as Heatmor

Oliver as Drilburl/Exadrill

Toad as Lillipup

Stanley as Maractus

Emily (Theodore Tugboat) as Petilil/Lilligant

BoCo as Druddigon

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