Thomas/Postman Pat is a parody with Postman Pat sounds and Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends footage. This page is for everyone, not just you!


Version 1 (by FireTrainThomas01)

  • Thomas as Postman Pat Clifton
  • TFC's Cat as Jess
  • Duck as Ted Glen
  • Edward as Sam Waldron
  • Toby as Reverend Timms
  • Gordon as Alf Thompson
  • Henry as Peter Fogg
  • Oliver as George Lancaster
  • Emily as Sara Clifton
  • Percy as Julian Clifton
  • Molly as Dorothy Thompson
  • Billy as Bill Thompson
  • Mavis as Mrs. Pottage
  • Bill as Tom Pottage
  • Ben as Katie Pottage (I know, Ben is male)
  • Daisy as Miss Hubbard
  • Lady as Mrs. Goggins
  • Elizabeth as Granny Dryden
  • Murdoch as PC Selby
  • Rosie as Lucy Selby
  • Madge as Doctor Gilbertson
  • Annie/Clarabel as Sarah Gilbertson
  • James as Mr. Pringle
  • Stepney as Charlie Pringle
  • Spencer as Major Forbes
  • Diesel 10 as The Beast of Greendale

Version 2 (by Elias. Please do not edit, add, or delete!)

  • Sir Topham Hatt as Pat Clifton
  • STH's Cat as Jess (both are black and white)
  • Thomas as Ted Glen
  • Oliver as Sam Waldron
  • Duck as Reverend Timms
  • Toby as Alf Thompson
  • Lady Hatt as Sara Clifton (both are wives to Topham and Pat)
  • and more

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