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Casts for each parody aren't always the same but some are mostly used like Thomas as Pat, Gordon as Alf Thompson and Toby as Reverend Timms. Here's a list.


  • Pat - Thomas/Percy/James/Henry/Toby/Duck/Oliver/Gordon/Edward/Boco/Skarloey
  • Jess - Bill/Ben/TFC's Cat/Percy/Thomas/Bertie
  • Ted Glen - Duck/Percy/Henry/Thomas/Edward/Toby/Harvey/James/Rusty
  • George Lancaster - Percy/Duck/Toby/Henry/Thomas/Edward/Boco/Gordon/Rheneas
  • Peter Fogg - James/Duck/Oliver/Henry/Edward/Thomas/Percy/Toby/Peter Sam
  • Sam Waldren - Edward/Toby/Thomas/Percy/James/Duck/Sir Handel
  • Reverend Timms - Toby/Edward/Boco/Duck/Thomas/Gordon/Henry/Duke
  • Alf Thompson - Gordon/Henry/James/Murdoch/Donald/Douglas/Duncan
  • Dorothy - Mavis/Emily/Molly/Rosie/Daisy/Elizabeth
  • Miss Hubbard - Daisy/Lady/Emily/Molly/Elizabeth/Mavis/Lady Hatt/Flying Scotsman
  • PC Shelby - Murdoch/Gordon/Henry/Edward/James/Toby
  • The Beast of Greendale - Diesel 10/Spencer/Diesel/Spiteful Breakvan/Bulgy/George/Duncan/Smudger/The Diesel

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