Version 1

  • Thomas as Cooler
  • Percy as Whopper
  • Rosie as Brighteyes
  • Emily as Nosemarie
  • James as Howler
  • Mavis as Holly
  • Daisy as Katrena
  • Elizabeth as Bratena
  • Diesel 10 as Catgut
  • Diesel as Captain Sloter
  • Duck as Pupnick
  • Skarloey as dog (the one who couldn't wag tail)
  • The Diesel as ClawFingers
  • Spatter and Dodge as sidekicks
  • 'Arry and Bert as strays
  • Henry as Whopper's uncle
  • Billy as Bluster
  • Neville as Buddy's inmaginary friend
  • PeterSam as Buddy
  • Isabella and Edward as Candy,Andy,and Mandy's parents
  • Duncan,Annie,and Clarabel as Candy,Andy,and Mandy
  • Rusty as Holly's boyfriend
  • Sally,TenCents,and TopHat (TUGS) as the Cataters
  • Zorran,Zip,Zug(TUGS),and Trawler(Elias)as Catgut's friends
  • Molly as Fairydogmother
  • Toby as other imaginary friend
  • Freddie as the fire dog
  • The Fat Controller as the Mayor
  • others as everyone esle

Version 2

  • Thomas as Cooler
  • Emily as Nose Marie
  • Henry as Howler
  • Percy as Whooper
  • Rosie as Bright Eyes
  • Mavis as Holly
  • Daisy as Katrina Stoneheart
  • Elizabeth as Bratina
  • Diesel 10 as Cat Gut
  • Diesel as Captain Sloter
  • Duck as Pupnick
  • Boomer (from TUGS) as the dog who couldn't wag his tail
  • Spencer as ClawFingers
  • 'Arry and Bert as Sloter's Sidekicks
  • Splatter and Dodge as The Strays
  • Salty as Whooper's Uncle
  • Whiff as Bluster
  • Stepney as Buddy
  • Neville as Buddy's imaginary friend
  • Annie, Clarabel and Bertie and Mandy, Candy and Andy
  • Edward and Molly as Candy, Andy and Mandy's Dad and Mum
  • Oliver as Marvin, Holly's boyfriend
  • Isabella, Jack and Alfie as The Cataers
  • George and The Horrid Lorries as Cat Gut's Friends
  • Lillie (from TUGS) as The Fairy Dogmother
  • Donald/Douglas as the other imaginary friend
  • BoCo as The Fire Dog
  • The Fat Controller as The Mayor

Version 3

  • Thomas as Cooler
  • Rosie as Nose Marie
  • Percy as Howler
  • Billy as Whooper
  • Emily as Bright Eyes
  • Isabella as Holly
  • Daisy as Katrina Stoneheart
  • Elizabeth as Bratina
  • Smudger as Cat Gut
  • Diesel as Captain Slaughter
  • Jack as Marvin
  • Bertie as Pupnick

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