• Thomas as Connor (Red Dino Ranger)
  • Percy as Ethan (Blue Dino Ranger)
  • Emily as Kira (Yellow Dino Ranger)
  • Edward as Tommy (Black Dino Ranger)
  • Duck as Trent (White Dino Ranger)
  • Lady Hatt as Principal Randall
  • Rosie as Nikki Valentina
  • Diesel as Mesogog
  • Daisy as Elsa
  • Diesel 10 as Zeltrax
  • Salty as Ryouga Haku (Japanese Red Dino Ranger)
  • Fergus as Sanjou "Kenny" Yukito (Japanese Blue Dino Ranger)
  • Molly as Ranru Itsuki (Japanese Yellow Dino Ranger)
  • Hiro as Michael "Mikey" Asuka (Japanese Black Dino Ranger)

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