Version 1

  • Emily as Kat (Pink Zeo Ranger)
  • Mavis as Tanya (Yellow Zeo Ranger)
  • Gordon as Rocky (Blue Zeo Ranger)
  • Duck as Adam (Green Zeo Ranger)
  • Thomas as Tommy (Red Zeo Ranger) (Thomas and Tommy both have names with T)
  • Henry as Jason
  • Edward as Billy
  • James as Ernie
  • Donald and Douglas as Bulk and Skull
  • Toby as LT Stone
  • Harvey as Captain Pete
  • Salty as Puppetman
  • Bill as Trey of Courage
  • Ben as Trey of Wisdom
  • Neville as Trey of Heart
  • Grampus (from TUGS) as Alpha 5
  • Ten Cents (from TUGS) as Zordon
  • Diesel as King Mondo
  • Daisy as Queen Machina
  • Duncan as Prince Sprocket
  • Hector as Klank
  • Smudger as Orbus
  • Bulgy as Prince Gasket
  • Elizabeth as Princess Archerina
  • Troublesome Trucks as Cogs

Version 2

  • Emily as Kat (Pink Zeo Ranger)
  • Flora as Tanya (Yellow Zeo Ranger)
  • Edward as Rocky (Blue Zeo Ranger)
  • Henry as Adam (Green Zeo Ranger)
  • Oliver as Tommy (Red Zeo Ranger)
  • Thomas as Billy
  • Percy as Alpha 5

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