1. Caitlin as Blossom
  2. Millie as Bubbles
  3. Emily as Buttercup
  4. Gordon as Professor Utonium
  5. Edward as The Mayor
  6. Belle as Sara Bellum
  7. Lady as Ms. Keane
  8. George as Mojo Jojo
  9. Elizabeth as Sedusa
  10. Diesel 10 as HIM
  11. Caroline as Princess Morbucks
  12. Diesel as Fuzzy Lumpkins
  13. Spencer as Ace
  14. BoCo as Big Billy
  15. Duck as Snake
  16. Skarloey as Little Arturo
  17. Derek as Grubber
  18. Bulgy as Bossman
  19. Peter Sam as Junior
  20. Fergus as Slim
  21. Connor as Brick
  22. Luke as Boomer
  23. Percy as Butch
  24. Molly as Annie
  25. Oliver as Teddy
  26. Toby as Hi-Fi
  27. Rosie as Lucy
  28. Mavis as Princess
  29. Harvey as Sad Sack
  30. Daisy as Dotty
  31. Thomas as Claude
  32. Murdoch as Back to Front
  33. Henry as Mr. Grimes
  34. Madge as Florrie Fosdyke
  35. Bertie as Pumpernickle
  36. James as Mr. Marmalade
  37. Trevor as Rupert the Roo
  38. Stepney as Woody the Woodpigeon
  39. Dennis as Old Edward
  40. Whiff as Ragamuffin
  41. Flynn as The Little Carthorse

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