Thomas as George Washington

James as Thomas Jefferson

Gordon as Theodore Roosevelt

Henry as Abraham Lincoln

Edward as Barack Obama

Toby as George W. Bush

Percy as Bill Clinton

Oliver as George H. W. Bush

Bill as Ronald Reagan

Ben as Jimmy Carter

Duck as Gerald Ford

Diesel 10 as Richard Nixon

Diesel as Lyndon B. Johnson

George as John F. Kennedy

Derek as Dwight D. Eisenhower

D261 as Harry S Truman

Splatter as Franklin D. Roosevelt

Dodge as Herbert Hoover

Arry as Calvin Coolidge

Bert as Warren G. Harding

Bash as Woodrow Wilson

Dash as William Howard Taft

Den as William McKinley

Dart as Grover Cleveland

Donald as Benjamin Harrison

Douglas as Grover Celveland

BoCo as Chester A. Arthur

Bulgy as James A. Garfield

Lorry 2 as Ruthford B. Hayes

Lorry 3 as Ulysses S. Grant

Lorry 1 as Andrews Johnnson

Spencer as James Buchanan

Murdoch as Franklin Pierce

Dennis as Millard Fillmore

Neville as Zachary Taylor

Arthur as James K. Polk

Fergus as John Tyler

Sidney as William Henry Harrison

Norman as Martin Van Buren

Paxton as Andrews Jackson

Colin as John Quincy Adams

Cranky as James Monroe

Bertram as James Madison

Duke as John Adams

Sodor Airport Planes as The Presidents

Freight Cars as Civil War

Troublesame Trucks as Soldiers

Calling All Engines as Train

Diesel Of Sodor as The Train

Diesels of Sodor as Train The

Diesel Engine as Train Engine

Diesel Engines as Trains Engines

The Bad Diesels as The Rocks

The Diesels Bad as Rocks The

Bad Diesels as Rocks

Diesels Bad as The White

Good Bad Diesels as White The

Bad Diesels Good as White

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