Cast lists

Version 1 (by Vinhchaule)

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  • Lady as Pucca
  • Thomas as Garu
  • Diesal 10 as Tobe
  • Percy as Abyo
  • Mavis as Ching
  • Bertie as Won
  • Oliver as Ho
  • James as Uncle Dumpling
  • Edward as Linguini
  • Gorden as Master Soo
  • Toby as Santa
  • Harold as Destiny
  • Henry as Chang
  • Daisy as Ring Ring
  • Rosie as Chief
  • Bill/Ben as Shaman
  • Billy as Clown
  • Boco as Officer Bruce
  • Diesal as Muji
  • Derek as Dada
  • Spencer as Clone Garu
  • Emily as Kua
  • Trouble some trucks as Goblins (smiley men)
  • The Chinese Dragon as The Tyrannosaur
  • Duncan as Dooga (they both start with D and are both mean)
  • Peter Sam as Ssoso
  • Annie and Clarabel as Maidens

Version 2

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