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Casts for each parody aren't almost the same. But mostly like Lady as Pucca and Thomas as Garu. Here's a list.


  • Pucca - Lady/Emily/Rosie/Mavis/Molly/Madge/Isobella/Daisy/Herself/Elizabeth/Lillie Lightship(from Tugs) (Percy can't be Pucca; Percy is Male and Pucca is Female)
  • Garu - Thomas/Percy/James/Henry/Gorden/Oliver/Edward/BoCo/Duck/Murdoch/Stepney/Himself/Hiro/Duke/Trevor/Cranky/Donald/Douglas/Top Hat (from Tugs)/Toby/Bill/Ben/Sir Handel/Peter Sam/Duncan/Arthur/Peter Sam/Rhenaes/Bear/Neville (Diesal can't be Garu; Diesal is a Antagonist and Garu is a Protaganist)
  • Abyo - Percy/James/Thomas/Gorden/Henry/Toby/Edward/Oliver/Bill/Ben/Murdoch/Donald/Douglas/Arthur/Trevor/Whiff/Billy/Himself/Skarloey/Rhenaes/Derek/Sir Handel/Peter Sam/Ten Cents (from Tugs)/Sunshine (from Tugs)Jack/Ned/Stepney/Bertie/Alfie/Diesal/Toad
  • Ching - Mavis/Rosie/Molly/Emily/Daisy/Isobella/Madge/Herself/Elizabeth/Carla (from TT)
  • Tobe - Diesal 10/Diesal/Spencer/D261/D199/Lorry 1/Lorry 2/Lorry 3/Duncan/Bulstrode/Old Stuck Up/Smudger/Bulgy/George/Himself/Zorran (from Tugs)/Zebedee (from Tugs)/Thomas/Percy/Gorden/Henry/James/Toby
  • Muji - Diesal/Diesal 10/Smudger/D261/Spencer/Duncan/Zorran (from Tugs)/Himself/Lorry 1/Lorry 2/Lorry 3
  • Ring Ring - Daisy/Elizabeth
  • Ninja's - Troublesome Trucks/Other Engines/Coaches/Thomas Villians/The Tugs Characters (from Tugs/Themselves/The Narrow Gauge Engines/Season 1 Trucks/The Horried Lorries/NG Coaches
  • Ho - Oliver/Neville/Trevor/Dennis/Toby/Edward/Himself/Henry/Gorden/Thomas/Percy/James/Lorry 1/Lorry 2/Lorry 3
  • Linguini - Edward/Toby/Henry/Himself/Percy/Thomas/James/Oliver/Gorden/Lorry 2/Lorry 1/Lorry 3
  • Uncle Dumpling - James/Percy/Thomas/Trevor/Gorden/Henry/Himself/Arthur/Dennis/Neville/Oliver/Lorry 3/Lorry 2/Lorry 1
  • Master Soo - Gorden/Henry/Toby/Murdoch/Oliver/Thomas/Percy/Dennis/Himself
  • Dada - Derek/Murdoch/Bill/Ben/Edward/Billy/Henry/Gorden/James/Thomas/Percy/Trevor/Himself
  • Chief - Rosie/Molly/Emily/Lady/Daisy/Flora/Madge/Isobella/Herself

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