• Thomas as Tinky Winky (Both wear blue)
  • Percy as Dipsy (Both wear green)
  • Molly as Laa Laa (Both wear Yellow)
  • Rosie as Po
  • BoCo as Noo Noo
  • Lady as The Sun
  • Stepney as Tigers
  • Whiff as Penguins
  • Arthur as Snakes
  • Murdoch as Elephants
  • Belle as Flamingos
  • Millie as Butterflies
  • Toby as Tortoises
  • Edward as Giraffes
  • Fergus as Frogs
  • Daisy as Bear with Brown Fuzzy Hair
  • Diesel as Scary Lion
  • Diesel 10 as Puppet
  • Henry as Dancing Bear
  • Caitlin as Little Bo Peep
  • Oliver as Magic Tree
  • Trucks as Sheeps, Doves, Ships, Flowers and Rabbits
  • Emily as Tilly
  • Gordon as Tom
  • James as Tiny
  • Derek as Donkey
  • Rusty as Furry Boo
  • Mavis as Rosie
  • Stanley as Jim
  • Duck as Duck (Both Share the same name)
  • Neville as Humbah (I know Humbah is female)
  • Charlie as Zumbah (Both purple)
  • Connor as Zing Zing Zingbah (I know Zing Zing Zingbah is Female)
  • Scruff as Jumbah
  • Stephen as Jingbah (I know Jingbah is female)
  • Bertie as Brum (Both run on Roads)

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