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Thomas/Ratatoullie is a parody with Ratatoullie sound and Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends clips.


Version 1 (made by CuldeeFellRailway)

  • Thomas as Remy
  • Duck as Linguini
  • Mavis as Colette
  • D261 as Skinner
  • Spencer as Ego
  • Percy as Emile
  • Mr. Percival as Gusteau
  • Diesel as Django
  • Elizabeth as Mabel
  • Sir Topham Hatt as The Health Inspector
  • Troublesame Trucks as The Dog
  • Diesel 10 as Larousse
  • BoCo as Lalo
  • Gordon as Mustafa
  • Henry as Francois
  • Murdoch as Pompiou
  • Hector as Chef Boyardee
  • Dennis as Bomb Voyage
  • Molly as Solene LeClaire
  • Bulgy as Ambridister Minion
  • Oliver as Horst

Version 2 (made by DonaldDouglas910)

  • Thomas as Remy (DON'T EDIT)
  • James as Linguini
  • Emily as Collete
  • Diesel 10 as Skinner
  • Bulgy as Ego
  • Percy as Emile (DON'T EDIT)
  • The Fat Controller as Gusteau
  • Gordon as Django
  • Daisy as Mabel
  • Spencer as The Health Inspector

Version 3 (Samuel97Godzilla)

  • Thomas as Remy
  • James as Linguini
  • Emily as Collete
  • Spencer as Skinner
  • George as Ego
  • Percy as Emile
  • Ten Cents (from TUGS) as Gusteau
  • Gordon as Django
  • Molly as Mabel
  • Bulgy as The Health Inspector
  • Edward as The Loyer

Version 4 (Made By UbiSoftFan94 aka RayFan94)

  • Thomas as Remy (Both Main Characters and Wear Blue)
  • Edward as Linguini (Both Good Friends To Thomas and Remy)
  • Emily as Collete (Both Main Females)
  • Smudger as Skinner (Evil and Mean To Thomas and Remy and Both Of Them Have Same Letter S)
  • Spencer as Ego
  • Percy as Emile (Both Good Friends To Thomas and Remy)
  • Casey Jones (from The Beave Engineer) as Gusteau
  • Boco as Django (Both Wise and Kind)
  • Elizabeth as Mabel
  • Bulgy as The Health Inspector
  • Oliver as The Loyer
  • Scruffey as The Dog
  • Cerberus (from The Little Engine That Could '2011 Film') as Larousse
  • Bill/Ben as Lalo
  • Donald/Douglas as Mustafa
  • Casey Jr (from Disney's Dumbo/Casey Jr and Friends) as Francois
  • Hector as Chef Boyardee (Chef Boyardee's Voice Suits Hector)
  • Sir Handel as Pompiou
  • Johnny (from The Brave Engineer/Casey Jr and Friends) as Bomb Yoyage
  • Molly as Solene LeClaire
  • Duncan as Horst
  • George as Ambridister Minion

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